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Thank you for being a part of the TranSuicide Community.  Topping the average suicide rates of all other minority groups in the US, the topic of suicide effects all members of the GLBT community.  Often experiencing societal isolation and disaproval- along with compounding problems not entirely related to sexual orientation or gender identity- it is no wonder many members of the community seek suicide as a means of ending their troubles.  Having benefited from the information and perspectives of Suicide resources that present both sides involved in the issue, my goal is to create a community that:

1.  Is Neutral-  While in an ideal world, everyone would be able to live despite their hardships, TranSuicide realizes
and accepts that in given certain circumstances, not everyone will choose to live.  If a member wishes to take      his/her life, they have the right to access the appropriate information so they can do so effectively.(Botched suicide attempts are tragically common and are preventable with knowledge of correct methods)

2.  Is Uncensored-  Censorship only breeds ignorance, and ignorance only breeds... well, I don't know exactly 
 what ignorance breeds- but I can tell you it isn't good.  A hopeful benefit of provided a neautral atmoshpere is that participants can express their true feelings regarding death, dying, and everything related.  In many online GLBT communities, it seems one can discuss everything, but feelings of hopelessness and depression, for risk of being weeded out as the "negative one."  This is the place to let it all hang out with no such worries.

3. Is Sensitive to the Concerns of GLBT Individuals- While there are many great suicide neutral newsgroups and sites on the internet, our community faces unique challenges which may or may not be understood or addressed in other groups.  Transsexuals make up an especially vulnerable group in society and have concerns that go unheard.  Fostering a community around these bonds will be beneficial to all regardless of whether they decide to end their lives or not.  
*As a transman, I created this community with other transsexuals in mind, but will not close the doors to anyone willing to respect others in the group.

Understanding that membership and active participation takes time,(and may never come) I will initially provide resources that should satisfy the occasional passer as well as forums available for further expansion should anyone wish to comment on them.

Take care and good luck!

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